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New restaurant advertsing for Rosie’s in Leeds

With Technical Procurement having a date in December to complete Rosie’s Diner in Leeds the owners have started promoting with adverts to get the word out.

We like the old fashioned look of it and … Continue reading

Rosie’s American Diner in Leeds CGI

We’ve now completed our first CGI or visual for our client of how their new refurbished restaurant in Leeds will look. And we hope you agree it’s going to be something special for the people of Leeds to dine … Continue reading

Rosie’s in Leeds a new American Diner

Technical Procurement had great success with the contract for the refurbishment of Control Leeds night club they have now been instructed to complete the refurbishment of Rosie’s American Diner next to “Control” . This refurbishment of a restaurant will include all … Continue reading

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